Kake (nou) wrote in ogcam,

OGCam news, December 2011

Hello! Here are some details of recent notable edits on the Open Guide to Cambridge. (Some of this may be old news, but OGC only found out about it recently.)

Greene King have sold the Zebra on Maids Causeway, though I don't know who bought it or what they plan to do with it.

The Hopbine on Fair Street has reopened.

The Cricketers on Melbourne Place has been renamed to the First and Last.

The Red Lion in Cherry Hinton has been taken over by the people behind the Salisbury Arms.

Some open questions:

Cambridge CAMRA reports that the lease of the Red Bull in Newnham is up for sale, but I don't know whether the pub is remaining open during this. Anyone?

I am still wondering about Ali Baba on Hills Road.

The Bun Shop on King Street is now the Jolly Scholar, but does it still belong to D'Arry's?

Does anyone have any other news?
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